Invitation with Lotus Flower Die Cut – Wonderful Variant of Indian Wedding Cards

Marriage is an auspicious moment in your life and invitation plays an important role in making it special. It gives you an opportunity to put an initial good impression on invitees about the grandeur of nuptial. So, you should select a unique and special invitation for this purpose. Selecting an invitation is a tedious task, but you have to make this moment special. While selecting a nuptial card, you have to think about marriage theme, mood, type, and faith. There are many choices for invitation available in the market, but Indian wedding cards have been popular among various couples.

Indian wedding cards

Indian wedding cards are available in different varieties providing you many choices. These are suitable for most marriage themes. If you cannot find an invitation according to your theme, then do not worry. There is a customization facility available, so you can avail a completely personalized invitation.   Nowadays, acquiring an invitation is not typical. In this technical era, you can go over the internet and buy wedding cards online. Now, you have unlimited choices of invitations on the internet and can select a card standing out from others. You will find these available in both religious and nonreligious categories. Nowadays, Christian Indian wedding card with lotus flower drawing die cut is very popular.

Indian wedding card

This invitation is one of the popular variants of wedding cards from India. It encompasses two inserts, one main card, and envelope. Though there are different types of paper materials available for invitations, shimmery finish paper is widely used for good and affordable quality. This invitation is made using the same paper material. Its envelope is available in gold color paper. The main card is made using teal blue color paper. It is embellished with lotus flower drawing die-cut making this invitation apart from other Christian Indian wedding cards.

This product is available in 10.00″*5.00″ size at The Wedding Cards Online. You can customize this invitation in terms of paper color, design, and symbols.

Add Traditional Royal Look to Nuptial with Scroll Wedding Cards

Marriage is an important milestone in life. Many couples keep looking for unique ideas that can set their nuptials apart from usual ones. An exemplary and unique wedding has many beautiful aspects and the invitation is one of these. Preparations for marriage start with selecting an exclusive invitation. To give nuptial a decent royal look, many people opt for scroll wedding cards. These have been popular in Indian traditions for an ancient time when kings and queens were used to sending these to invite people to their marriages.

scroll wedding cards

Indian marriages are considered to be grandeur and charming which reflect in their invitations as well. That is why Indian wedding invitation cards are popular among couples. These come in different varieties and a scroll wedding card is one of these. It comes in vibrant color, design, paper material and beautiful packaging which will definitely add a royal look to marriage. Such kind of invitations catches the eyes of guests easily. These can be decorated with gemstones, crystals, beads etcetera to make these impressive and traditional.  Although scroll Indian wedding cards are sufficient to put a good impression, you can also use their designs in add-on cards.

scroll indian wedding cards
Paper material is an important aspect of every invitation. To maintain quality and royal look of scroll wedding cards, matte finish, handmade paper, silk paper, cotton and wooly paper are widely used. These are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. You can find these at various prominent vendors easily. With the availability of these vendors over the web, you can also purchase wedding cards online. They also provide customization facility, so select a scroll invitation and customize it according to requirements. You can also modify it to synch the marriage theme. Scroll cards come with container box which is an important accessory for these.

Well, scroll wedding cards give marriage a traditional royal look. So if you are looking for impressive and conventional invitations, try considering these.