Two Most Wedding Planning Frightening Situations and Their Solutions

Marriage is one of the most cheerful, special and exciting moments of life. However, if you do not plan it carefully, it can become a reason of stress. Once marriage is fixed, you will have to pay attention to lots of things such as etiquette, dos and don’ts. You also have to plan budget for many items such as wedding cards, outfits, decoration and many more. During planning, most couples fear about what will happen if something goes wrong. Some of these wedding planning frightening situations and their solutions are mentioned below.

Indian wedding cardsYou get a wedding invitation of your close relative or friend and feel excited about it. However, later you see that the dates of his or her and your wedding are close or on the same day. This is the first nightmare. Since you will not be able to attend his or her ceremony, you can leave it there. However, in this situation, you must talk with your family about mutual guests as they will have to attend the two wedding ceremonies. Probably, you will get a solution of this problem, but you do not have to freak about it.
Indian wedding card
Sometimes, a venue and budget are not sufficient enough for all the guests you and your spouse want to invite. If you have set your heart on this venue, it will be typical to decide whom to cut. This is the second nightmare. In this situation, you must discuss with your spouse and start to cut down the number of guests. If your guest list includes children, you may remove them from it. Moreover, you can only consider your closed ones. If you want to avoid this, you can try to find a venue which can accommodate all of them.

Well, these are two worst nightmares you may face during marriage planning. By using your experience and solutions mentioned above, you can save yourself from these nightmares.

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