How to Choose Perfect Wedding Cards?

Just like choosing the best wedding dress, choosing wedding invitation can cause a panic attack. It is a well known fact that first impression lasts forever and Indian wedding cards can set the theme and tone for the whole affair. Put everything together and you will see what role these invites play. But remember, it’s supposed to be fun, so relax yourself and consider the following details to help yourself in this process:

  • Invitation Design

Beauty lies in the beholders eyes. What one bride will love, another will hate. Couples will find many options these days and deciding the final one ultimately depends on their preference and taste. While choosing a design, think of the reactions that you’re expecting from your guests. Always try to be patient while choosing the final design.

  • Font


You can mix two different fonts in your wedding invitation. A simpler, smaller font will give a well rounded look with a more detailed, larger font. Ensure to look the initials of your name in the font that you’re considering because if you like the first initial, then you’re likely to love the whole invitation once it is finished.

  • Cost


Invitation cards can get pricey. So, it is always good to compare the costs of different vendors at the wedding cards e-marketplace to make sure you get the best and reasonable deal. A few of them can offer guest address printing for free on the envelopes, while others may offer free shipping. So, it is important that you consider every aspect to get the best bang. Moreover, it is highly recommended to buy a sample prior to ordering the whole lot because actual viewing of the product can create all the difference. Always ensure to check the quality of the card before ordering it in bulk.