Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special Using Wishing Tree

Wedding ceremony is always special for people as it allows them to begin a new life. There are several aspects of any marriage ceremony determining its success or failure. Even some very small aspects play their significant roles. Different significant aspects may include wedding invitation, photography, catering, flowers, decoration and many more. Guests are one of the most important element for any celebration and same in with any marriage as well. The event is always special for the couple, but it is their responsibility to make the guest feel same as well.

Wedding CardsAs people don’t leave any stone unturned to make their celebration perfect, doing something unique and special for the guest can also add beauty to their efforts. Here we bring some ideas, following which can add a special effect to your wedding. Bestowing a beautiful wedding card is not enough for the guest, but they need to be treated in a very beautiful manner. One of the best way to present them some unique way to bestow their wishes to the lovely couple. This can be achieved through a wishing tree, where the guest can write their wishes in their own words. This is a very nice and interesting way to let the guest feel special.

Wishing tree can be made very easily using some simple paper pieces, pen, ribbon, some branches of flowers and a beautiful vase matching wedding theme. The tree can be made very easily using some simple steps. The paper cuttings are where the guests are going to write their wishes, advices, messages and others. These should be tied using a ribbon, by which these cutting will be hanged to the branches of flowers. A table should be placed at a proper palce with the vase on that and beautiful flower branches into it. A pen should be placed there, so that guests don’t need to look for their own pen to write.

Wedding InvitationThese beautiful arrangement will be added with your message to ask your special guest to write something for you. The guest will read the message and feel their importance to you. They will write the message and tie the ribbon to the branch. It will become a beautiful wishing tree in your beautiful wedding ceremony. As the guests are very special, don’t only send them beautiful wedding invites, but also make them feel important, once they attend your celebration.


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