Things Brides should do When Planning a 2017 Wedding

Our Tradition and culture change with the changes of time. This generation is following the same rituals since the onset of homo in the world but adapting the vast changes happening around. The wedding customs are area specific and somehow similar to each other. But when you observe things with the passage of years and seasons, you might have noticed drastic changes in trends & cultures. Yes, every coming year comes with lots of modifications in wedding trends. Likewise, if you are getting married this year, you have to add a lot to your to-do list for planning the wedding theme to designing the wedding card. You want to add everything exclusively in your wedding to represent your personality. Here we are representing a list of things which you don’t want to miss as you plan your wedding in the year 2017.


Green is the theme

Greenery is the theme for the year 2017 and you can choose different shades of green from the color palette. You can decorate and design your venue with light green drapes to dark green floral bouquet. The bride’s can opt for light metals like copper, rose gold and bronze palettes or accents. You can combine the metallic shine centerpieces with the dark green table runners and illuminate candles over it to spread a lavish hue.

Customize or DIY

Brides that want to stand out on their special day without splurging too much money. You should begin customizing the things and plan & manage using your creativity. You can take help of your friend or family too. You can DIY something exclusive with a combination of uniquely designed stationery, cocktail napkins, ribbons and more which can give your event a personal touch.

Create unique menu

Incorporating Favorite food of your family is the biggest trend which is trending in the 2017’s wedding. You can organize serving a mini meal during the cocktail hour or a full meal at the reception. This way you can personalize the event according to 2017 wedding.

Create hashtag & social

Create a hashtag for your wedding event so your guest can use while posting the photographs and cute captures on social media. The hashtags make finding pictures easy and you can enjoy with your guests on social media too.

Read and follow these guidelines and apply, what is trending, everything in your 2017 wedding.


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