Prepare Wedding Dance on Your Wedding

Weddings are the most auspicious occasions of mankind. It is that one event where we spend our entire savings to spend more than we actually can. Weddings in most of the countries are very elaborately planned and the celebrations continue for about a week. Everything, from wedding invitation cards to catering services, from decoration to dresses, is perfectly planned. It is ensured that we look the best that day and everything falls into place exactly as it is planned. Wedding is the most special day which is celebrated in every way. This beautiful day gives us lifetime memories to cheer with. people have different ceremonies on this day. and one of the most amazing ceremony is wedding dance. Wedding dance is very special for bride and groom as it would be first dance after they get married. so people put so much efforts in that.It is also ensured that all the auspicious events take place in that duration.


To mark the beginning of any important functions, dance plays a pivotal role adding to the charm of the event held. It is very attractive to look at and almost everyone enjoys performing it. It is such a great treat to see each and every family member putting their best foot forward and really enjoying the function. Even the elderly members do not hesitate to perform at this time and be part of the fun. Young girls and boys, from both the bride and groom’s side, select the best dance numbers they can dance on to make it the most memorable performance.

Now the trend has come where the bride and groom both perform a dance in their own wedding ceremony. This dance not only brings them closer to each other but also gives the guests the idea about their joint endeavor before the matrimonial relation has shaped. It demonstrates the love and affection for each other as it is heartfelt. During the dance lessons the prospective bride and groom get to know each other and spend time with each other. It portrays how they take care of each other’s comfort and present a dance that is one of its kind.

Some couples find it a little strange initially as the guests sit and watch them perform. It is quite common for a bride to dance along with her father and so the boy dances with his mother. Some experts are of the view that bride and groom dance with their in- laws in order to convey the beginning of any new relationship. They then include the guests to join them for the dance so that no one feels left out. Dancing is a creative way to convey joy and greatly differs from the person performing it. Each one of us has the right to dance our own dance as it defines us who we are.


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