Wedding Decorations And Recent Changes In The Same

When We heard the word wedding, lots of beautiful emotions appear in our mind like celebrations, rituals, love and togetherness. Marriage is the one of the most important day in a couple’s life. This special day needs months of planning to execute the most memorable and significant day of every one’s life. From wedding cards to wedding venues,wedding food to wedding dress, everything is taken great care of.

A wedding is one event where people have lot of expectations attached to it. They are always concerned as to how will their wedding actually take place? Will the invitation cards be printed in time? Whether to go in for a theme decoration or the traditional one? What outfits to buy? Months are invested in planning for this function to be grand and successful and it is made sure that everything goes as per the latest available trends.

Weddings underwent tremendous amount of changes over the years. Not only the traditions have become outdated but even how everything in the weddings like the way in which wedding invitation cards are printed these days. There are so many creative ways in which guests are invited these days. They look less like invitations and more like presents for the guests. Even the decorations have gone through a lot of innovation these days that you are absolutely clueless as to which one to choose. Every design appears better than the other. Some people like to go in for simple floral decorations but then these too differ greatly in which flowers to be used, whether they should be imported, etc. Let us now take a look at some of the trending wedding decorations these days-

  • Go Green- This is an environmental friendly decoration where flowers and leaves are used to decorate all places of the banquet hall or a farm house including the stage, if any. Going green does not always mean usage of plants, even stones, rocks and wood can be used instead of flowers.

  • Adventurous Weddings- Some people like to get married in an adventurous style. They incorporate road trips and other adventurous sports as part of their wedding.

  • Image Mappings- In this type of decoration, an indoor location is changed into a beautiful garden or a mountain peak with the help of a projector. You can convert any place into any location that you dream of having provided you have a projector. This looks very exotic and is an inexpensive method of decoration.

  • Hanging Decorations- At times decorative pieces are hanged from the ceiling to give a swinging effect. Flowers or small LED lights are hanged from the ceiling and look very attractive to the guests. This is also an inexpensive form of decoration but may turn out a little expensive if imported flowers like carnations are used.

Decoration ideas are subject to ideas and creativity that may depend on many factors and differ greatly from wedding to wedding.



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