Types Of Wedding Cake

In Ancient Rome, there was a tradition to bake a cake from barley or wheat and then break it over the bride’s head as a symbolic gesture of good fortune. The tradition of the wedding cake can be traced that far in time. There was a tradition in medieval England as well, where a tower of spiced buns was placed between the couple and the bride and groom had to kiss each other properly overcoming the tower of bread, it was said that if they do this, they would experience a prosperous marriage.

Since than cakes have been a symbol of prosperity in a wedding just like wedding cards. Cakes of exotic flavors and amazing garnishing are cut in the middle of the ceremony. There are a lot of flavors of cakes available.  So make sure to pick one good flavor for your wedding.

There are a lot of permutation and combinations if you want to talk about the type of wedding cake. Let’s tell you how it works.


  • Shapes of cake

The shape of the cake is an interesting choice to make. Well, there are a lot of shapes of cakes but let me provide you the best of them.

Round cakes: These cakes are just simple and elegant way to put in front of your guests.

Square Cakes: From the beginning, the wedding cakes used to be round, these cakes gives a modern touch with a subtle of style

Scalloped: The traditional style of baking a big cake.

Topsy-Turvy: The funkiest cake shape you can dream of.

  • Fillings

Chiffon: A Very light and fluffy cake, which is made up of oil.

Sponge: It is tougher and is better to stack layers of cakes.

Fruitcake: A cake made of dried and candied fruit possessing sponge cake’s toughness.

Chocolate: Another sponge cake with real melted Belgian Chocolate and vanilla.

Cheese Cake: If you don’t want a traditional cake, try a cheesecake with a base of Biscuit and a lot of baked vanilla cheese as toppings.

  • Decoration

The cake is decorated in different styles:

Some icing with sugar paste and some edible pearls make the garnishing tasty.

Adding fruits or edible gems also provide a beautiful texture.

Natural fruits and flowers are also included.

  • Toppers

On the top of a three-story cake stands a small couple in a perfect wedding dress holding hand is a cute way to accomplish a good topper, even better with a picture of the couple on the top.

So here are the different types of things which you can use to create your perfect wedding cake.


Traditional Symbols For Indian Wedding Cards

Bing-bada-boom! It’s wedding season here and everybody is excited. But the wedding preparations are not at all a piece of cake. One of the most important tasks is to design an attractive wedding invitation card. It’s not easy to design an invitation card, especially the wide range of Indian wedding cards available in the market may be confusing. You can also buy these wedding cards online to make it easy. But one thing is for sure, every wedding invitation card has some specific religious symbols included in them. They not only make the card beautiful but also give certain traditional vibe. Here are different traditional symbols used by different religions:


Hindu wedding cards:

You might have often seen certain symbols like a lady joining her hands, which is to welcome the guests or a pot filled with rice. People use symbols of God, Lord Ganesha’s symbols or Lord Shiva’s Trishul or DurgaMaa’s eyes. There may also be symbols like bride and groom greeting each other or the Agni symbol (sacred fire) or people carrying the bride in the Doli. There may also be symbols of musical instruments like tabla or shehnai. The online wedding cards beautify these symbols even more with the help of graphics.

Muslim wedding cards:

In Islam, there is avast number of religious symbols. They are not only just symbols rather prayers are written in Arabic language or few specific words are written in Urdu. The most common symbol used is the word Bismillah written in beautiful calligraphy styles. Another common word is Allah – the one and only God. Also, a crescent moon with a star is also a sacred symbol among Muslims.

Christian wedding cards:

Although many people think that Cross is the only sacred symbol for Christians, in reality, there are some more that may appear on wedding cards. Yes, the symbol of the cross can definitely be seen but along with it, there may be symbols of bride and groom dancing or of them exchanging vows. Two hearts intertwined together or roses may also be seen. These symbols may sound very simple but when you look for online wedding cards you will find these symbols in stunning designs.


Sikh wedding cards:

Sikh community follows there religion and traditions very strictly. And when it comes down to the wedding cards, the same can be seen. The most important symbol is Khanda- consisting sword, cauldron and double-sided blade. One more significant symbol is of Ik Onkar which represents One Supreme Reality. The Guru Gobind Sahab picture is another religious symbol very commonly usedon the wedding cards.

These religious symbols represent the meaning attached to the wedding ceremonies and are of great importance.