6 Months To Your Wedding? Need To Prepare Wedding Planning Checklist!

One of the wonderful occasions in life is to have your wedding. Pairs are made in heaven but weddings take place on earth. Wedding is big fat day for the bride and groom where the planning starts from ordering, arranging, wedding cards selection etc to shopping, dinner etc. But to relish this event with frolic and felicity, there needs a proper planning. Are you going to have wedding after five or six months? If yes then here is wedding planning checklist for you to schedule your wedding as per your preferences and beliefs.
Go through this article, and make use of it while preparing for your wedding. All the important aspects and tips are framed in this piece of article. This content will hopefully prove life saver for you making your occasion incredible.


Before 5-6 months

First and foremost, announce your engagement to your near and dear ones. Now, plan your budget and divide the cost. Select the wedding venue and reserve it for the big day. You must select the wedding theme and order the florists, vendors and caterers. You must also order for DJ and select the songs for the day. This is the right month to plan for healthy diet and efficient exercise.

Before 3-4 months

This is the correct month to book the makeup artists. You must order the cake and wedding cards also. You should make all the arrangements for honeymoon. All the things like wedding day transportation, rooms for guests etc must be ordered and book now itself. You must also go to pre- marriage counselor.

Before 1-2 months

You must give short list to your video graphers and photographers. You should acquire wedding license and confirm the date, time and place with your vendors. You must purchase wedding gowns and groom attires. You must confirm that you have made all the orders and nothing is left now.

Before 2-4 weeks

You must ask for the scheduled leaves from your boss. You must start taking spa and massages from any makeup clinic. These are the days where you must be extra conscious about yourself. You must start taking healthy juices daily. You should also take facial treatment to glow more on the wedding eve. You must finish all the tasks related with shopping. See the checklist and finalize everything for the wedding day.

Before 1 week

This is the time when you must confirm all your reservations for honeymoon. You must do wax. You must do confirm everything related with order with your vendors, caterers and other party planners. You should wear the wedding day gown and see the fitting. You must also send the wedding cards. You must plan your seating chart and wedding day time list.

Before 1 day

You must systematize your accessorize and wedding gown. Take a long breathe and stay cool. You can have a Manicure and pedicure. You must have a last moment facial treatment too. You must do rehearsal for dinner.