Things Which Will Definitely Change After Wedding

If you are married or going to be married, in both cases, you must have experienced that wedding itself brings tickles and your face will blush out when you will listen to the discussion of your wedding. Weddings have a colossal banner right from picking a wedding ring and distributing wedding cards to ordering the waiters and finalizing with caterers and vendors. But, what after once you get married. Is the after marriage experience thrilling or it raises some nightmare?


Well to answer all such questions, I have touched on certain aspects which will definitely change after you get married. Let’s have a look.

a) Your Responsibilities

Yes, after you get married, you will have to take care of yourself as well as your partner. You will enter a new family and unite from one single soul into two. Now, your duty towards your in-laws and your husband will become more. Even other people will judge you on the bar of a responsible person.

b) Your Decisions

On every fact of your daily routine, you will have to speak and discuss with your partner. There will be certain times when you will have to adjust and give up your interests for the sake of your husband’s pleasure.

c) Money Matters

As of now, you and your husband have become one, and so each and every element in both of your life will be shared equally. You will have to share even the money with your husband. You and your husband will solve all the financial issues together. That means, in all financial aspects, your role will be equally important.

d) Your Sex Life

Marriage will change the whole picture of the relationship between you and your spouse. Whether you had sex before marriage or not, you will probably enjoy the new and relishing time once you get married.

e) Your Friends

Married couples are often seen with a tendency to cheer up with other married couples rather than mingling with single friends.

f) Strange Aspects

You will be experiencing some of the unusual things which you might not have done before marriage. For example, your spouse might be using the toilet with an open door in front of you.

g) Your Priorities

Maybe, before marriage, you used to get up late or leave all the household stuff behind on the shoulders of your mom. But, after the marriage, you will need to take care of belongings related to housing, the new family and especially your hubby.

There are chances where the time will test you and you will need to prove yourself in terms of maturity. You may indulge in a fight or hot conversation with your husband. At such instances, you will have to deal the situation with patience and calmness. As courtship is always sweet and romantic, whereas after marriage an extra effort is required from the couple to maintain the ignition of love.

These are the certain things which chiefly changes after the end of courtship and beginning of marital life.


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