Unique Wedding Ideas That Make Your Wedding Day Fun

As unique as your love story, you ensure everything to be as “elegantly distinctive” at your wedding too. From selecting the best Indian wedding cards to selecting the quirky yet sumptuous starters in wedding, you ensure everything is alluringly “atypical”. Still feel something is missing? Look out for some unique ideas you can add up in your wedding ceremonies.

These are quite enchanting and your guests surely will love them.

  1. Make Your Guests Write the Personalized Messages for You

This is one cute little thing you can make your guest do. You can make them write the personalized messages for you. It’s so fun. Let their inner writer explore the possibilities of their imagination. This is one of the most fun things you can make your guest. Guests usually feel detached during ceremonies. This way you can indulge them in something fun and creative as well. These handwritten notes from them will surely be valued more those expensive gifts. Get ready to hear some really cool marriage advice. You can even re-liven up some memories with some of your guests reading their notes. If your budget allows, you can add a typewriter too instead of handwritten notes. This will be organized at a smaller section. Here the family and friends can use it type you the notes. You can give a sneak peek of it at your wedding cards too. Let your guests come all prepare to show their “artistic writings”. Also get ready to read some “cliché” love quotes and some really “embarrassing” messages. But all in all, it will be fun.


  1. A Dramatic Entrance

Primarily it was the groom who makes the enchanted entrance. Just like they say, you prince charming riding on the white horse to take you away in his world. But now is the world of “why should boys have all the fun”? So, girls, you have planned the perfect design of your Indian wedding cards, chose the perfect outfit, but what about your “show-stealing entrance”? Have you given it a thought? It is one of the most unique things you can do for your wedding to make an enchanted entrance. Here are some really cool ideas to make a dramatic entrance:

  • For a bold entry with smoke bombs: One unique way to make a bold entrance which is equally alluring and colorful as well as to make it happen with colorful smoke bombs. This a perfect way to draw all the eyes towards you while making the entrance.
  • For a happy entrance with flower shower: this is a quite a usual entry for a Yash Raj movie. So if you too have grown up being a Bollywood drama addict, this is the perfect way to make an entrance. With a melodious song in the background, you can make an entry. Your sisters and friends can shower all the flower petals over you.
  • A “bollywood-influenced” entrance: Confused? Well, we are saying to make an entrance with some really cool dance moves. You can do it solo or even with your squad. Both ways, it’s nothing less than “Bollywood” dramatic entrance.
  1. Hashtag Wedding Goals Ideas

How many times you simply adore your friend’s picture on Instagram getting married? But did you get all the time to ask your photos from her wedding from her or from her cousin or from an old friend? Well, how about you can do something about this at your wedding? How about doing something that your guests will really love about your wedding? You can create a personal hashtag and can even display it over your venue. Trending Hashtags are the names of couples joined together, like Deepika and Ranveer has become Deepveer or Virat and Anushka has become Virushka. You can do the same with your names. The couples can get their photo clicked and can upload it on Instagram using the same hashtag. In this way, even you can keep a track of all your wedding photos uploaded by your guests. How creatively you are using your decor for your guest convenience and decorations will surely be the talk of the town. You can also mention this hashtag in your Indian wedding cards.

  1. Photo Booths and Selfie Segments

You can arrange a beautiful Photo booth for your guests where they can have some really good photos. You can have a fun selfie segment too in all your wedding ceremonies. You can use special props over there that your guests can use. For instance, on the pool party, you can use all quirky props, the hats, the sunglasses everything. For your Sangeet, you can use “Dulhe ki Saali” or “Dulhan ke Devar” other than going with conventional Bride squad and groom squad.

  1. Little Fun Station to Hog Over or to Drink Over

While all the “oldies” are discussing whether they want to hog over ‘dosa’ or ‘chaat’, there should be something for kids. How about a little candy station where they can load their cones with their favorite candies? Both the kids and the parents will love you. As the kids get what they refer as “bliss” and the parents are happy as the kids are all busy with candies. You can even add the whole deck of caffeine station too. Serving the coffee, it will surely be the delight for everyone. It will also help your guests to stay all awake for the pheras, which is usually late at night.

  1. Tailored Table Centerpieces and Coasters

Do you think the wedding cards are the only place where you can add a little-customized flair without sounding too obvious? Well, the answer is no. Where everything about your wedding is all about you, add a little “too obvious” yet cherished spark with personalized table centerpieces and coaster. You can use the formerly mentioned Hashtags or a personal favorite quote. You can even be as minimalistic with just adding your names. Why not get them scribbled everywhere together during your wedding?


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