How To Choose The Perfect Invitation For Your Wedding?

With all this wedding planning stress, are you too confused so as to where to start from? How to incorporate everything effectively? No worries, as we have got one thing covered that you can totally mark off your checklist. For this post, we are sharing with you the mini-guide that will help you in designing your Indian wedding cards. Designing wedding cards is a daunting task as it takes a lot. So, don’t fuss over how to do it as this guide will cover everything for that. Here it goes:

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

Indian Wedding Invitation Cards

  • Set the budget for the Indian wedding cards

Once you have prepared the guest list and have determined their participation in the wedding, now is the time to set the budget for the wedding invitations. The budget plays an important role in determining whether it would be lavish or minimal. But the good thing is there are wedding invitations that can cater to the budget decided by you. There are many things that add to the cost of the wedding cards like quantity, layers, design, elements added, etc. So make sure you consider these things carefully so that you can decide accordingly.

  • The color scheme for the wedding cards

After determining the budget, the next obvious step is to choose the color for the wedding cards. There are many colors in the palette that goes well with the traditional Indian wedding cards. From beautiful red which is considered auspicious to vibrant yellow which is the color of joy to soothing green which symbolizes prosperity, there are a lot of options to choose from. Moreover, when it comes to Indian wedding invitations, they are the work of art themselves. So choose the color that represents passion, love, energy, joy and a lot more. You can even go with pastel shades which are quite trending now.

  • Designs of the wedding invitations

The next step in getting the best Indian wedding invitations for you calls for designing the wedding invitations. Designs for the Indian wedding cards also tells a lot about the vibe of an Indian wedding. If you are going to have a big traditional Indian wedding, you can choose the designs in sync with it. If you are going to have a more casual and relaxed ceremony, then make sure the designs are according to that. There are many motifs and patterns that can be added to invitations to accentuate them. It can vary from religious to something used just to appeal the eyes. Make sure you discuss everything about this with your partner before choosing over anything.

  • Add depth with intricate decors

One of the best things about Indian Wedding Cards is the emphasis on little detailing. For instance, you find religious motifs or verses or anything with religious significance in traditional Indian wedding cards. Not only that, wedding cards embellished with beautiful stones, mirrors, and threads. These little elements add the appealing intricacy to the wedding invitations to delight the guests.

So that summons up the mini-guide that will help you in designing a perfect invitation for your wedding.

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