Add the Doze of Fun with These 4 Games at your Wedding

You have sent your Indian wedding invitations to so many people. You might have sent it just because your parents know them or they are a close friend of your sibling. You might be familiar with your relatives and cousins, but not everyone from both the sides of the groom and bride is familiar or know each other.

It is not possible for you as well to introduce everyone and even after introduction; people still feel the discomfort in opening up. Therefore as the couple getting married, you need to ease up the situation and break the ice between the groom’s side and the bride’s side. This post is dedicated to just those fun-loving and stress buster Indian wedding games that will help the guests to loosen up and bring both the families together.

Indian Wedding Cards

1. Giant Jenga

Jenga is absolutely fun even when played in the normal version. Then here we are talking about the giant Jenga which means more fun and suspense all along. This is especially helpful when you are engaged in some ceremony and your guests are just feeling bored. The game will keep them busy and let’s not forget that it is a sure shot of entertainment.

2. Cricket:

A cricket tournament sounds like a fun idea for a pre-wedding party game. You can make it the age-old “Girls v/s Boys” or you can tweak it a bit with “team bride v/s team groom”. You can make it more fun by having the jerseys and caps designed for the players of each team. You can even lessen the burden of parents attending your wedding by letting the kids take the lead in cheerleading. This will be a fun activity and surely everyone can bond over a game the whole country is just crazy about. You can even mention the game in the wedding invitations. We are pretty sure it will be one of the many things that they look forward to your wedding.

3. Age-old Antakshari or contemporary karaoke

Antakshari for a very long time has been a rescue in any family function. So why not add this fun-loving game to your wedding as well. You can include everyone especially the elderly are so fond of it. Other than this you can have a Karaoke too which is one best option to unveil the best singers of the family along with the people “who considers them good enough for singing”. It would be amusing and perfect as the pre-wedding game.

4. Tug of war

This is again where there will be a competition between the team bride and the team groom. You can make it more entertaining by adding some personalized wedding giveaway as well. This game might sound a bit childish but don’t forget the fun and amusement-related to the game. Also, one thing that will make this one of the ideal choices as the pre-wedding game is the candid moments that can be best captured. You can mention the game on your wedding invitations as well. Guests will surely look forward to it.

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