Packing Tips for Your Honeymoon

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Use Flowers to Beautify Your Wedding Ceremony in Elegant Way

Weddings are always special irrespective of who and what you are. No one leaves any stone unturned to bring perfection in their ceremony. There are several elements determining the success or failure of the ceremony including decoration, catering, wedding invitation cards, flowers, venue, and many others. Flowers are the most common elements among weddings irrespective of the communities, societies, and religions. Flowers have been used for several purposes including spraying the newlyweds with petals or beautifying decor and the ambiance. But, with the availability of different varieties of flowers these days, several options are now open to take decoration to the next level. Here we bring some tips for the best use of flowers at any wedding ceremony.

The mandap is a significant section in any marriage ceremony where several rituals are performed. It is highly required to look adorable and different types of flowers can do the task. Any color of flowers can be used according to the theme. Other things to follow is not to decorate the entire mandap, but its roof only, otherwise it will look jam-packed. Other than this, the entrance to the venue should also be beautiful enough to catch the guest’s attention. You can go for different combinations of flowers for the entrance including white or marigold flowers. Use curtains made of these flowers instead of cloth for prettier entrance.

Beautiful Indian Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Indian Wedding Ceremony

Moving ahead with more sections, the central stage at the wedding appears as the most used space visible to guests. As this place will have a bride and groom seated there, decorating it becomes highly important. Usually, stages are very big having different sections for using flowers including the steps, behind chairs, both sides of the stage, and sides of steps to the stage. Take help from professionals or the internet to choose the right color combination and types of flowers for your wedding.

While talking about stage, the sofa is not the only option. Using swing on the stage at the place of sofa, chairs or couch is also in the trend these days. If you are opting for a swing on stage, you can still use flowers to decorate it. It will also be a nice addition to your overall decoration for the ceremony. So as you must be looking to beautify your wedding ceremony, use flowers in different sections to do it in a more elegant style.


Revealing Beautiful Aspects of Hindu Wedding Cards

Hindu religion has differences from other religions of the world in many facets. Although weddings in other religions have various customs and are celebrated in many ways, Hindu weddings are the most special and unique. These weddings are the symbol of rich Indian culture and tradition. Preparations for the marriages start months before and everything related to the wedding is done in a most delicate way following religious custom. Hence each and every aspect of Hindu marriages is elegant and perfect and so are Hindu wedding cards.

The Hindu marriages start with printing the invitation cards. In ancient times, these invitations were sent only to members of the royal family. At that time, scroll wedding cards were much popular and today people select these to give royal look to nuptials. The Hindu wedding cards are sent to relatives as a medium of good news and ask for their presence on this beautiful occasion. Therefore these invitations should carry precise information about all ceremonies of nuptial. These invitations are as colorful as Hindu culture.

Hindu Wedding Invitation

Hindu Wedding Invitation

Hindu wedding cards are known for their beautiful and charming heritage look. These invitations are decorated with zari, stones, tassels, and coins. Since these invitations carry a message of happiness, there is no stone left unturned in making it special. There are some religious symbols are used in these invitations which are the epitome of rich traditions of Hindu culture. The swastika is the most used and preferred in the Indian wedding card that is also a symbol of Lord Ganesha. A picture of Lord Ganesha is made on the envelope and insides. Other symbols such as knots are also used according to culture.

Well, these are some beautiful aspects of Hindu wedding cards. There are best vendors available over the web, where you can buy elegant and customized Hindu Wedding Invitation Card.

Indian Hindu Weddings ‘Rituals and Religious Beliefs’

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Designer Hindu Wedding Cards

All About Unique Wedding Invitation Cards 


Weddings are an essential part of Indian culture. They are not only important for religious reasons, but they are also a significant social occasion. Weddings are not only important to the couple getting married but also to all the friends and relatives attending the wedding. Planning a wedding can be very time consuming, and it is, therefore, best to start planning at least a year to make your wedding that “big fat Indian wedding”! Hindu Wedding Cards are one of the most important aspects of a wedding as they are the first impression that guests have regarding a wedding they have been invited to. Therefore, if you are getting married anytime soon and you haven’t started planning your wedding invitation card, now is a great time to start! 


Important Information To Include 


Even before deciding on the kind of Hindu Wedding Cards you’d want such as the design, color, style, etc., it is a good idea to list out some extra information which you’d want to include in your wedding invitation. The first additional information which is very helpful to the guests which you can consider including in your invite is a map to the venue to ensure that your guests do not face any difficulty in arriving on time. The second piece of information you can include is about the dress code, specifying whether there is or isn’t a dress code. In case there is a dress code, you should also determine the exact dress code.

Another valuable piece of information worth including is whether you’d want your guests to RSVP. Especially in the present day with everybody having hectic schedules, it might not be possible for everyone you have invited to attend your wedding. Therefore, through this information, you can have a rough idea of the number of people visiting your wedding. If you would not like to receive any gifts, it is a good idea to mention that in your wedding invitation specifically. 


Types Of Wedding Cards 


There are so many beautiful designs and themes for Muslim and Hindu Wedding Cards to choose from! Indian weddings are all about splurging and making the event extravagant, so why stop you when it comes to your wedding invitation card? There are unique wedding card designs available to add that wow factor to your wedding at various budgets.


You don’t have to settle for a simple wedding card even if you have a smaller budget. All you have to do is research the various stores that make wedding invitation cards, and you can surely fund stellar a few right places that will make your wedding invitation card unique and customized as per your wishes! You can send goodie bags to your guests along with your actual wedding card or opt for a different color for your wedding invitation card. You can send your wedding card in a music box or have game-themed invites such as the deck of cards or snakes and ladders. The options are endless when it comes to adding that creative element to your wedding invitation card!


No matter what wedding card design you choose, it is essential to stay within your budget. Go ahead and start researching on the various wedding invitation card styles and have fun planning your wedding!