Add Traditional Royal Look to Nuptial with Scroll Wedding Cards

Marriage is an important milestone in life. Many couples keep looking for unique ideas that can set their nuptials apart from usual ones. An exemplary and unique wedding has many beautiful aspects and the invitation is one of these. Preparations for marriage start with selecting an exclusive invitation. To give nuptial a decent royal look, many people opt for scroll wedding cards. These have been popular in Indian traditions for an ancient time when kings and queens were used to sending these to invite people to their marriages.

scroll wedding cards

Indian marriages are considered to be grandeur and charming which reflect in their invitations as well. That is why Indian wedding invitation cards are popular among couples. These come in different varieties and a scroll wedding card is one of these. It comes in vibrant color, design, paper material and beautiful packaging which will definitely add a royal look to marriage. Such kind of invitations catches the eyes of guests easily. These can be decorated with gemstones, crystals, beads etcetera to make these impressive and traditional.  Although scroll Indian wedding cards are sufficient to put a good impression, you can also use their designs in add-on cards.

scroll indian wedding cards
Paper material is an important aspect of every invitation. To maintain quality and royal look of scroll wedding cards, matte finish, handmade paper, silk paper, cotton and wooly paper are widely used. These are available in both traditional and contemporary designs. You can find these at various prominent vendors easily. With the availability of these vendors over the web, you can also purchase wedding cards online. They also provide customization facility, so select a scroll invitation and customize it according to requirements. You can also modify it to synch the marriage theme. Scroll cards come with container box which is an important accessory for these.

Well, scroll wedding cards give marriage a traditional royal look. So if you are looking for impressive and conventional invitations, try considering these.

Invitation with Lotus Flower Die Cut – Wonderful Variant of Indian Wedding Cards

Marriage is an auspicious moment in your life and invitation plays an important role in making it special. It gives you an opportunity to put an initial good impression on invitees about the grandeur of nuptial. So, you should select a unique and special invitation for this purpose. Selecting an invitation is a tedious task, but you have to make this moment special. While selecting a nuptial card, you have to think about marriage theme, mood, type, and faith. There are many choices for invitation available in the market, but Indian wedding cards have been popular among various couples.

Indian wedding cards

Indian wedding cards are available in different varieties providing you many choices. These are suitable for most marriage themes. If you cannot find an invitation according to your theme, then do not worry. There is a customization facility available, so you can avail a completely personalized invitation.   Nowadays, acquiring an invitation is not typical. In this technical era, you can go over the internet and buy wedding cards online. Now, you have unlimited choices of invitations on the internet and can select a card standing out from others. You will find these available in both religious and nonreligious categories. Nowadays, Christian Indian wedding card with lotus flower drawing die cut is very popular.

Indian wedding card

This invitation is one of the popular variants of wedding cards from India. It encompasses two inserts, one main card, and envelope. Though there are different types of paper materials available for invitations, shimmery finish paper is widely used for good and affordable quality. This invitation is made using the same paper material. Its envelope is available in gold color paper. The main card is made using teal blue color paper. It is embellished with lotus flower drawing die-cut making this invitation apart from other Christian Indian wedding cards.

This product is available in 10.00″*5.00″ size at The Wedding Cards Online. You can customize this invitation in terms of paper color, design, and symbols.

Embellishment Ideas to Make Wedding Cards from India Fabulous

An exemplary marriage is composed of various elements and invitation is one of these. It is a formal declaration of agreement of couples to tie the knot and spend remaining life together. It gives the first glimpse of marriage and you should purchase an elegant one to put a good impression. For this purpose, many couples buy wedding cards from India since these come with beautiful and attractive designs. If you do not find the desired invitation design, you can also customize these. You can also use decorative ideas to make these fabulous. Here are some creative ideas for the decoration of Indian wedding cards mentioned below.

wedding cards from India
Add some beautiful stripes to the Indian wedding card. These can be multicolored, horizontal, and vertical, and you can use the stripe border to give it a blended look of both modern and traditional designs. When you buy wedding cards from India, you will find a facility to decorate invitation with small rhinestones, precious and semiprecious stones. By embellishing the card with these, the less beautiful invitation will look fabulous. You can also use Swarovski crystals for embellishment.

indian wedding card
The use of flowers has always been in the trend of wedding cards from India for a long time. There are floral printed invitations available in the market. You can also decorate these with three-dimensional flowers or petals. You can use unique materials for invitations. When you buy wedding cards, you should see if a particular vendor has the facility to print cards on unusual materials. Fabric printed and acrylic invitations are gaining popularity these days. There has been a trend of using motifs on the envelope and main card, but you should use patterns based on something you like. It can also make the invitation stand out like the main event.

Well, these are some decorating ideas to embellish wedding cards from India. You can use these to make the invitation more fabulous.

Paper Material Related Suggestions for Wedding Cards from India

Many about-to-wed couples want to make their nuptials exemplary and they keep looking for new ideas to follow in different aspects of marriages. The invitation is one of the most important aspects, which creates the first glimpse of nuptial seen by invitees. Among the various designer invitations available in the market, the wedding cards from India are the favorite choices of many couples. Though these are available in various designs, if they do not find an invitation with specific requirements, they select customization facilities available for Indian wedding cards. If you opt for customization, the first thing coming to mind is paper.

wedding cards from India

There are various types of paper available for wedding cards from India. You can make a decision for printing or decoration once you have found a required paper. You should always use the paper of good quality because it is base on invitations. It should also be strong, so it can reach to invitees without getting bent. While selecting a paper for an Indian wedding card, always consider the texture of the paper. For example, if you choose a traditionally styled invitation, a linen finish paper is a good choice and if it’s a contemporary styled card, use high glossed paper.

Indian wedding cards

The printing technique should also be considered while selecting a paper for wedding cards from India. You should make sure that the paper you have chosen is compatible with the selected printing technique. You may be tight on budget, but still, you can give an expensive look to an invitation by selecting two papers with different shades of one color. Selecting an unusual paper such as pearlescent, metallic etcetera can make designer wedding cards fabulous. To give an additional dimensional look to invitations, you can use vellum that is a translucent paper.

Well, you should choose proper ink for the selected paper. You will find different types of paper material available for wedding cards from India and the above-mentioned suggestions will help you deciding perfect paper.

Font Selection Tips to Follow while Purchasing Wedding Cards from India

Nuptial is an important occasion of life and it has huge significance for the couples who are tying the knot and planning to spend the rest of their lives together. They try to make this event exemplary for which perfect planning is required in various aspects and the invitation is one of these. Nowadays, many couples are having theme-based marriages and the wedding cards from India are their favorite choices in the designer invitation. These come in different wonderful designs suitable for every possible theme. Some couples also customize these Indian wedding cards to bring perfection.

wedding cards from IndiaWhile customizing the wedding cards from India, many couples try to give it a stylish look and they are often confused about selecting perfect fonts. If you are one of them, then always keep the theme or the style of your marriage in mind while sorting out perfect fonts. Most couples feel no difficulty picking the font style, mostly calligraphy because they only need to emphasize their names on the Indian wedding card. However, picking the best text-styled fonts is a wholly different thing. The most appropriate thing to do is to select the font which is the best suitable for the design of the invitation you will select.

Indian wedding cardsWhile selecting fonts for the wedding cards from India, you must always think about the kind of marriage you are having. Whatever font you select, it will reflect the type or style of the main event. Many couples also try to select more than one font while buying wedding cards. Generally, they select two fonts, but it is up to you how many fonts you will mix up in the invitation. Always remember, whatever fonts you select, these must not conflict with each other.

In conclusion, while selecting the fonts, always keep the style of the event in mind. You can also follow the above-mentioned suggestions for this purpose.

Suggestions to Make Wedding Cards from India Error-proof

A printed invitation is the most frequently followed way to invite the guests to an event. Marriage is a significant event of life and about-to-wed couples try everything to make it perfect. Since the invitation has now become the symbol of prestige; therefore, they select an elegant one to put an impression on the invitees. Most of them prefer purchasing wedding cards from India because these are available in various colorful designs. Whatever design you select, make sure these are error-proof; otherwise, all impressions will be spoiled.

wedding cards from IndiaWhen you order Indian wedding cards, it is the most important thing to do to make sure that there is no error. You should do this before sending invitations for printing because reprinting these can disarray the budget. Since you have given approval for printing, so, if there is an error remains, it will be your responsibility. You can also give the finalized design to somebody else because the fresh eyes can catch the mistake easily. When you are proofing the wedding cards from India, go through the following checklist.

Indian wedding cardsFirst, you make sure that there are no spelling errors in the names of couples and their parents. This is the most common mistake. Second, you should check that the date and day of the wedding ceremony are correct. Make sure that it is Sunday on 12th September. Third, check the address of the venue is spelled correctly. It is important because a wrongly spelled address will make reaching the venue typical. Fourth, check the RSVP date is mentioned properly because you will need time to finalize the number of guests. Fifth, check the spacing between letters is uniform throughout the invitation. Sixth, do the same things with an envelope.

Well, making invitation error-proof is essential to save unwanted expenses. When you order the wedding cards from India, follow the above-mentioned tips and go through the checklist.

Important Things to Know while Organizing Wedding Ceremony at Home

When you plan your wedding, the most important thing that comes to mind is the location. Many couples select dream locations outside their native country and many of them choose India to organize the ceremony. However, when you select a venue, you will need to consider the season and availability of vendors. For example, in the peak seasons, it is hard to find a good location. Therefore, you should start looking for it as soon as possible. It is also necessary as you will have to get a location printed in Indian wedding cards. Nowadays, many people are organizing ceremonies at their homes to avoid wasting time in the hunt for a perfect venue. If you also want to do the same, you should know about the following things.

Indian wedding cardsBy organizing the ceremony at home, you will save money spent on booking a venue. However, still, you will have to spend money on various elements such as renting a tent. The first thing is that you will have to organize the ceremony available on the outside of the house unless you have a big mansion to accommodate all the guests. Therefore, you will require a tent. This tent should be bigger than the space available as you would not want your guests to feel congested. When you select your home for the ceremony, you should also mention it in an Indian wedding card in an interesting way. So, your guests get curious about the ceremony.

Indian wedding cardWhile organizing the marriage at home, you will also need to take a look at the lighting. During the ceremony, your guests may have to access a few parts of your house after sunset. You should arrange proper lighting, so they can walk comfortably to reception, bathrooms, and parking lot. While talking about the parking lot, you should also make arrangements for it. If there is extra space available, you may ask them to park their vehicles there. In this case, you will also have to take care of the damages done to your property during the ceremony. You can also look for the space available at a few distances from your home.

Well, these are some essential things you should know while organizing the ceremony at home.