Unique Wedding Ideas That Make Your Wedding Day Fun

As unique as your love story, you ensure everything to be as “elegantly distinctive” at your wedding too. From selecting the best Indian wedding cards to selecting the quirky yet sumptuous starters at the wedding, you ensure everything is alluringly … Continue reading

Font Selection Tips to Follow while Purchasing Wedding Cards from India

Nuptial is an important occasion of life and it has huge significance for the couples who are tying the knot and planning to spend the rest of their lives together. They try to make this event exemplary for which perfect planning is required in various aspects and the invitation is one of these. Nowadays, many couples are having theme-based marriages and the wedding cards from India are their favorite choices in the designer invitation. These come in different wonderful designs suitable for every possible theme. Some couples also customize these Indian wedding cards to bring perfection.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

While customizing the wedding cards from India, many couples try to give it a stylish look and they are often confused about selecting perfect fonts. If you are one of them, then always keep the theme or the style of your marriage in mind while sorting out perfect fonts. Most couples feel no difficulty picking the font style, mostly calligraphy because they only need to emphasize their names on the Indian wedding card. However, picking the best text-styled fonts is a wholly different thing. The most appropriate thing to do is to select the font which is the best suitable for the design of the invitation you will select.

Wedding Cards

Wedding Cards

While selecting fonts for the wedding cards from India, you must always think about the kind of marriage you are having. Whatever font you select, it will reflect the type or style of the main event. Many couples also try to select more than one font while buying wedding cards. Generally, they select two fonts, but it is up to you how many fonts you will mix up in the invitation. Always remember, whatever fonts you select, these must not conflict with each other.

In conclusion, while selecting the fonts, always keep the style of the event in mind. You can also follow the above-mentioned suggestions for this purpose.


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Suggestions to Make Wedding Cards from India Error-proof

A printed invitation is the most frequently followed way to invite the guests to an event. Marriage is a significant event of life and about-to-wed couples try everything to make it perfect. Since the invitation has now become the symbol of prestige; therefore, they select an elegant one to put an impression on the invitees. Most of them prefer purchasing wedding cards from India because these are available in various colorful designs. Whatever design you select, make sure these are error-proof; otherwise, all impressions will be spoiled.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

When you order Indian wedding cards, it is the most important thing to do to make sure that there is no error. You should do this before sending invitations for printing because reprinting these can disarray the budget. Since you have given approval for printing, so, if there is an error remains, it will be your responsibility. You can also give the finalized design to somebody else because the fresh eyes can catch the mistake easily. When you are proofing the wedding cards from India, go through the following checklist.

Indian wedding cards

Indian Wedding Cards

First, you make sure that there are no spelling errors in the names of couples and their parents. This is the most common mistake. Second, you should check that the date and day of the wedding ceremony are correct. Make sure that it is Sunday on 12th September. Third, check the address of the venue is spelled correctly. It is important because a wrongly spelled address will make reaching the venue typical. Fourth, check the RSVP date is mentioned properly because you will need time to finalize the number of guests. Fifth, check the spacing between letters is uniform throughout the invitation. Sixth, do the same things with an envelope.

Well, making invitation error-proof is essential to save unwanted expenses. When you order the wedding cards from India, follow the above-mentioned tips and go through the checklist.

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Design Your Wedding Cards in Filmy Style with Little Creativity

Wedding cards are the most important part of your wedding. Wedding cards are the most important part of everyone’s wedding. People use so many creative ideas for wedding cards and apply many themes for wedding cards ideas. Many people prefer theme wedding cards according to their wedding theme. All love to share happiness with their friends, family, and relatives. It is in our tradition & culture to request the presence of our loved ones to share happiness with them and get wishes.

If we talk about happy moments, wedding tops the list and who don’t want it to be memorable and perfect. People leave no stone unturned to bring perfection in their marriage ceremony. Among several elements determining the success of the event, sending beautiful wedding invitations also plays a vital role. Sending invitations to request someone’s presence has been done from years, but the designs & patterns of invitations are changed now. Several latest designs of wedding cards are coming in trend these days and couples are found taking interest in these as well. Here we bring one of such popular trendy designs:

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One of the latest trends in wedding card designs these days is to go filmy. In this style, couples take a step forward from traditional style invitations and choose any favorite movie post or pose. Those posters are replaced with the pictures of the bride and groom after that with added design. This pattern was not so much popular, but after few initiatives, couples have started taking interest in such designs. This can be done in many ways where couples can either get photographed in similar poses like movie posters or get their posters hand-painted as well.

Image Source: indianweddingsite.com

Once the picture is clicked, it can be edited to get the desired pattern and appearance. You can either use your own photo-shop skills to get the required design or hire a professional for the same. Once you are done with the picture, design, and poster, add further wedding details including date, time, venue and others.  These all things are inserted exactly according to the format of the entire theme maintaining the filmy style fully. The overall creation looks very interesting and unique in comparison to traditional wedding cards. It also allows the wedding to be remembered for always. So, finalize your best post or movie pose before planning to order invitations and invite your guests in a unique style.

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Add Your Love Story in Wedding Card To Make it Memorable

Wedding cards are the most important part of the wedding. We all need family and friends to celebrate this beautiful day and make it more beautiful. Wedding cards are the most special way to invite people and contribute to their wedding. We heard many times that sharing is the best way to increase your happiness. So everyone loves to share their happiness with their near and dear once. A wedding is one of the occasions where we met with our relatives in this hectic schedule.

Tying the knot is the dream moment for one and all and couples wish to make it memorable not only for them but to all invitees as well. A very large list of preparations is planned and no-one leaves any stone unturned to achieve perfection in their marriage ceremony. Your wedding card plays a vital role in these all celebration preparations as this is your first chance to impress your guests. Your wedding invitation card is like the cover of any book which offers summarized information about your ceremony. So, choosing the right type of invitation becomes more significant here.

Although everyone tries to add something special and unique in their invitation cards to give their guests special memories and feelings, sharing a couple’s real story can be a unique element. Well, adding the interesting story of the two getting married will be the most unique and imaginative. It is an element that will attract everyone for sure. You need to be a bit creative and imaginative for this. People always praise love stories, so why don’t you give them some real stuff to talk about.

First of all, you need to study and find out something unique and different in your story, unlike others. Identify what is special and great in your meeting and story of coming together. You can visualize your unions’ story in your wedding invitation card in the best possible way to express your feelings. You can give your guests direct information about how you are planning to celebrate your big day with this. All your memories, experience and feelings can be showcases at ease using such a pattern.

Now, you can further add your pictures as well with the story to give it a more customized, personalized and romantic appearance. There are several different patterns and styles in trend to use the couple’s picture in wedding invitations these days and the internet can help you find this easily. You can either use different pictures with different wedding events, or a photo series with different styles. As said above, although there are several design styles available over the web, photos in a movie or painting style are in trend.

Although designer wedding cards have been used for centuries to request the presence of loved ones and guests, with the time the latest trends have replaced those traditional wedding cards nowadays. Couples prefer to go for something different and unique for their event these days and try several unique ideas as well. Adding stories and pictures about the bride and groom is one of those imaginative ideas, which have become very popular soon. It can be a very nice option for your wedding as well, which can soon make your wedding talk of the town.

A wedding invitation is one of the most vital elements for the success of your ceremony, so explore maximum options like this and go for the best design only.