Packing Tips for Your Honeymoon

Each woman and men have a different kind of expectations during their honeymoon trips.  The most beautiful relation of husband and wife grows with celebrating the great bond on honeymoon and celebrating each day. Honeymoon are the most special  and … Continue reading

How Can You Connect With Your In-Laws after Wedding

Wedding is the most beautiful day for every ones life. Wedding is not the occasion where two people are connected for life time but its about how two families accept each other in a loving manner. Although, situation is almost similar for bride and groom. but it become more complicated when we talk about the bride.


A girl leaves his house and resettle herself in new house and people. so she faces lots of problems. Don’t get scared of your in-laws because most of the girls are given into a myth that in-laws will torture you or bring a lot of trouble to your name. But in reality, all such things will never happen. Even when a person doesn’t like us, they don’t show it to our face unless we are reciprocating the same thing. In the age of 21st century, the in-laws are quite friendly so try to relax and wipe off all the old myths about in-laws torture.

Know them better

Women try to take more steps in knowing their husband’s choice just after they are getting engaged. Every ceremony from wedding invitations selection till marriage she keeps on guessing his choices and secretly admires him. Don’t stop that secret admiration with your husband. Take them to the next level for their in-laws. Ask out from your husband directly or indirectly about the in-laws liking and try to get some of the liked things. Usually, people of this age are really cool and connecting with them can no more be a problem. To make everything quite simple, the chance of knowing them better can save your life!

Gift them

In reality, when we are supposed to visit some friend’s house or relative’s house we try to purchase something for snacking. In such a way, when you are going to your husband’s house gift your in-laws with some of the simple and cute gifts. Surely your husband will know all the characters of in-laws so ask him to purchase some of the special things which your in-laws are in need of.

Give them importance

Include them in all the meetings which you are making or even ask them their opinions and suggestions regarding managing the wedding. Treat your in-laws with respect and genuine love. Let them be themselves and you try to be yourself. There is no need of changing anything unless it is harmful. Don’t differentiate them and treat them as a family for making everything happen naturally. If they need some time to connect with you take some time.

Pride can be one among the witchy things which can spoil your relationship with in-laws. In a family, there should not be anything like pride, ego or even hate. Try to omit all these things and they can surely make your life amazing without delay of time. When you start being yourself there are many ways for your in-laws to love you!

Best Ways to Get Natural Glow on Your Face on Wedding Day

Every couple wants to celebrate their wedding functions and enjoy each moment of it so that they can create beautiful memories for life time. People do months of preparation from finalizing wedding cards to wedding venues ,food ,event management etc. As families are busy in there preparation, couples are also busy in shopping, costume selection, make up etc. As we all know the major attraction of every wedding is bride and groom so they has to be look fresh and good.So here are simple tips which has to be followed by every couple before wedding.
The day is all yours and it is you’re responsible to attract all towards your side and use the attractive glow in your face during your wedding day. When the wedding day is announced then your anxiety would rise to the top level. Through this you would fail to take care of yourself but it is not right from your part.
  • During your wedding you are the star over there, so you must look so cute and the entire day you have to keep yourself cool and stress free.
  • In those special days that are started from distribution of Wedding Cards it is not necessary for you to go to the beauty parlor to do your make up and you can just stay in your home and follow home the remedies.

You can try up with the bridal glow skin pack

There is a proverb which says “The face is the index of your mind” even though you are fully happy for marriage when your face is not good then all would think that you don’t have interest in this marriage. If this should not happen then you try out the facial pack with the fresh fruit slice and protect them from the sun damages. Even you can try out with the rose petals face pack and it is so easy for you to prepare.


  • You have to crush the rose and add with some milk and these suits for the oily skin.
  • If your skin is dry then you can try up with the milk cream.
You have to apply them in your face for 20 minutes and then wash it off and sure you can find a special glow in your face after making use of this.
You can apply the egg face pack by taking the white bowl and adding some of the gram flour and mix it up and apply gently in your face and wash them when it gets dried up completely.

A little care is also needed for your foot

In your busy schedule you would forget to take care about your leg in that case at least before few days of your wedding you can take some effort.
  • Take some milk in the small tub and add water along with it as well add some salt.
  • Then you have to soak your feet inside to it for half an hour and wash them off.
 Along with that you have to make use of the foot scrub to soften your feet.

How Do You Get a Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day?

It is your wedding day and you might be fretting over trivial issues. In the process, you knowingly or unknowingly might be inviting a lot of skin problems that may hamper your entire look for the wedding day. One boil or acne is all you need to spoil all the preparations you did for months to look absolutely stunning on this important day in your life. Worry does no good and we all know it. So why fret over things that we eventually will fix in time. Stay calm and embrace each moment of your wedding as it is once in a life time event.


For a bride to look astonishing on her wedding day, it is very important to have a great skin, apart from the other obvious things of course. It is the result of a strict skin care routine that you see such a marvelous skin on her wedding day. Make sure that the bride does not take stress and drinks a lot of water to wash away all the toxins from her body. It is not the bride’s job to see whether the wedding cards are printed and sent to all the relatives or the decorator arrives in time. Leave out these things to an elderly member of the family even if things go astray.

A glowing skin is one of the pre-requisites on the wedding day and please ensure that the end moment stress and anxiety does not make the situation worse. Below mentioned are some tips that you can incorporate for a glowing skin-

  • Stay Happy– This alternative beats all. Staying happy will bring out your inner happiness right on your face. It is after all your much awaited wedding day and there cannot be a more happy moment than this. Stay happy and it will your face will radiate the same.

  • Use skin specific products for your makeup– To avoid outbreak of any end moment rashes, itchiness, and allergy, use skin specific and tested products only. You cannot afford the cost of experimentation right now.

  • Stay hydrated– Drink lots of water and juices that will bring out glowing skin. It will also curb other problems and you will feel much active without feeling drained of energy.

  • Deep cleaning through masks– It does not replace your daily washing routine but clears off the excess impurities in the skin and makes it free from dead skin cells.

This is an illustrative list of all what you can do for your skin. Of course there are others like using the right sun protection formula for your skin, using the right kind of concealer, using clean make-up brushes, etc.