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Indian Wedding Cards

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Some Ideas To Take Your Indian Wedding Card To Next Level

Are you also of seeing the same old wedding invitations cards around you and have to experiment with your wedding card then I have some ideas just for you and by applying them you can take your wedding card to next level?

1. Plants:
Plants are something that goes well with everything and just like Virat and Anushka you too can in co-operate them with your wedding invitations. Along with your invitation just give out plants as well. You can choose any plant that fits well in your budget but just make sure that the plants are room plants and do not require much attention. This whole concept is very thoughtful and along with your reputation, it will also help our planet go greener and trust me from an environment enthusiast to a normal person everyone will fall in love with this idea.

2. Use recycled paper:
The recycled paper looks very beautiful just give them a chance and they can take your cards to the next level. You can be very creative here and select designs and colors according to the way that it gives a vibe of recycling things. All of us are very well aware of the fact that how much paper we waste in the name of invitations so if you take this initiative of using recycled paper than you will definitely feel good about yourself and also you will inspire a lot of other people as well.

3. Instead of a sweet box choose some healthier options:
Nowadays, people are very conscious when it comes to their diet and usually avoid consuming the sweets so instead of sweets why don’t you go for healthier options. It is a tradition in our country to gift a box of sweets along with the invitations but why not we try something that is actually useful to the other person. This also shows that you care about the other person and want them to be healthy. You can try to gift things that are both tasty and healthy. There is a variety of options available in the market such as you can go for dry fruits, etc.

4. Use 3D in your card:
Another way of taking your invitation to the next level is by adding 3D in your card. You can make your pictures in 3D and it will give an animation look to your card. Here you can go creative and accordingly choose the parts of the card that you want in 3D and the rest of the card will be the same. This will make your card look like you have put much effort into everything. This technique you can mix with the above-mentioned ways and you will look very thoughtful and people will actually look forward to being a part of your wedding.

You can apply either one or more ideas in your card according to your budget and just play around them and I am sure your wedding card will be the talk of the town.

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Indian Wedding Cards

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