Traditional Symbols For Indian Wedding Cards

Bing-bada-boom! It’s wedding season here and everybody is excited. But the wedding preparations are not at all a piece of cake. One of the most important tasks is to design an attractive wedding invitation card. It’s not easy to design an invitation card, especially the wide range of Indian wedding cards available in the market may be confusing. You can also buy these wedding cards online to make it easy. But one thing is for sure, every wedding invitation card has some specific religious symbols included in them. They not only make the card beautiful but also give certain traditional vibe. Here are different traditional symbols used by different religions:

Hindu wedding cards:

You might have often seen certain symbols like a lady joining her hands, which is to welcome the guests or a pot filled with rice. People use symbols of God, Lord Ganesha’s symbols or Lord Shiva’s Trishul or DurgaMaa’s eyes. There may also be symbols like bride and groom greeting each other or the Agni symbol (sacred fire) or people carrying the bride in the Doli. There may also be symbols of musical instruments like tabla or shehnai. The online wedding cards beautify these symbols even more with the help of graphics.

Muslim wedding cards:

In Islam, there is a vast number of religious symbols. They are not only just symbols rather prayers are written in Arabic language or few specific words are written in Urdu. The most common symbol used is the word Bismillah written in beautiful calligraphy styles. Another common word is Allah – the one and only God. Also, a crescent moon with a star is also a sacred symbol among Muslims.

Christian wedding cards:

Although many people think that Cross is the only sacred symbol for Christians, in reality, there are some more that may appear on wedding cards. Yes, the symbol of the cross can definitely be seen but along with it, there may be symbols of bride and groom dancing or of them exchanging vows. Two hearts intertwined together or roses may also be seen. These symbols may sound very simple but when you look for online wedding cards you will find these symbols in stunning designs.

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Sikh wedding cards:

The Sikh community follows there religion and traditions very strictly. And when it comes down to the wedding cards, the same can be seen. The most important symbol is Khanda- consisting sword, cauldron, and double-sided blade. One more significant symbol is of Ik Onkar which represents One Supreme Reality. The Guru Gobind Sahab picture is another religious symbol very commonly used on the wedding cards.

These religious symbols represent the meaning attached to wedding ceremonies and are of great importance.

Use Flowers to Beautify Your Wedding Ceremony in Elegant Way

Weddings are always special irrespective of who and what you are. No one leaves any stone unturned to bring perfection in their ceremony. There are several elements determining the success or failure of the ceremony including decoration, catering, wedding invitation cards, flowers, venue, and many others. Flowers are the most common elements among weddings irrespective of the communities, societies, and religions. Flowers have been used for several purposes including spraying the newlyweds with petals or beautifying decor and the ambiance. But, with the availability of different varieties of flowers these days, several options are now open to take decoration to the next level. Here we bring some tips for the best use of flowers at any wedding ceremony.

The mandap is a significant section in any marriage ceremony where several rituals are performed. It is highly required to look adorable and different types of flowers can do the task. Any color of flowers can be used according to the theme. Other things to follow is not to decorate the entire mandap, but its roof only, otherwise it will look jam-packed. Other than this, the entrance to the venue should also be beautiful enough to catch the guest’s attention. You can go for different combinations of flowers for the entrance including white or marigold flowers. Use curtains made of these flowers instead of cloth for prettier entrance.

Beautiful Indian Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Indian Wedding Ceremony

Moving ahead with more sections, the central stage at the wedding appears as the most used space visible to guests. As this place will have a bride and groom seated there, decorating it becomes highly important. Usually, stages are very big having different sections for using flowers including the steps, behind chairs, both sides of the stage, and sides of steps to the stage. Take help from professionals or the internet to choose the right color combination and types of flowers for your wedding.

While talking about stage, the sofa is not the only option. Using swing on the stage at the place of sofa, chairs or couch is also in the trend these days. If you are opting for a swing on stage, you can still use flowers to decorate it. It will also be a nice addition to your overall decoration for the ceremony. So as you must be looking to beautify your wedding ceremony, use flowers in different sections to do it in a more elegant style.


Make a Unique, Special and Grand Entry to Your Wedding Venue

The wedding ceremony is a very special moment for everyone, bringing a new turn to their life. Everyone wants to make it perfect and memorable for them and the guests as well. There are several ways to make any wedding a hot potato in the city and one of those is to get designed a very beautiful and matching wedding invitation card. One other way is to try some new and unique way of Groom’s entry. There are different types of ways a groom enters his wedding ceremony according to the overall wedding theme, but going with something which has not been done by anyone in your circle will make it memorable for everyone.

According to the traditions, the groom was supposed to go for a wedding on a horse, elephant or in any similar way, but modernization has taken place here as well. The grooms are trying new styles and unique ways to walk with Baraat in their wedding venue these days. Here we share some unique and stylish ideas to enter your wedding venue.

Wedding Grand Entry

Wedding Grand Entry

  • If it is a big fat marriage with lots of expenses, you should move ahead leaving horses, elephants behind and land directly on the venue lavishly using your personal charter or helicopter. This grand entry will leave everyone at the wedding awestruck.

    Wedding Grand Entry

    Wedding Grand Entry

  • It is for grooms, whose second love is always their bike. All know that guys love bikes very much and it will be a great entry to marriage venue, where you will reach your love with the second love of your life. Ride your bike in style with your friends and special family members to the venue.
Wedding Grand Entry

Wedding Grand Entry

  • If you want to be connected to your traditions, roots, village, and other childhood things, you can make an entry in Desi style. Coming over a tractor can be the best option here in a completely Desi look. Doing this will not only make you feel happy and special, but it will also become a talk of the town.
Wedding Grand Entry Dulha and Dulhan

Wedding Grand Entry Dulha and Dulhan

  • If you are fond of music and dance, you can make a king type entry with music and dance. In this way, you will be entering the venue with a live music band performing with you, keeping you in the center like a king. It will surely make your guest appraise you and remind your entry forever.

There are several more ways of doing this according to the groom’s interest and expenses, but going with any of those will make your big day memorable for sure.

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Shopping Wedding Ring? Consider These Few Points Before

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring

Everyone has some wishes when it is about their wedding. It is the most significant and awaited moment of life for one and all. There are several elements in a wedding determining its overall beauty and success including wedding cards to catering, decoration, and others. If we think about the bride and groom and their most significant moment of life, the importance of the wedding ring can’t be undervalued as well. The ring is an element visible not only to the bride and groom but all other invitees, guests and relatives as well, so its selection becomes more important here. Here we come with some considerable factors while shopping for the best ring.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

First, the most important point is to shop as a couple instead of an individual. You know it is not possible every time to make a decision collectively, but here you can. Get some free time on 1-2 weekends and go for shopping with each other. It is not compulsory at all to buy a matching pair of a ring, but the traditions allow the groom to buy the ring for the bride and vice versa. Visit a few jewelers to know about the latest designs and take care of the likes and dislikes of your partner before making a purchase.

When you go to the market and explore the designs, you come to know about rings of different prices, putting you a deep confusion. So, know your budget prior to going to shop. This will narrow down the options, making it easier to choose the right product.

Another point to consider is your lifestyle. Don’t get confused with the wide range of designs, and keep your lifestyle in mind. All your friends, family members, relatives, and other invitees will have an eye on your ring. You must not be wishing to let them disparage it so take proper care.

Now coming to the bride and groom individual factors, think about the diamond and profile of the ring respectively. When it is about a bride, diamonds can add beauty to the ring and lady both, but it should complement the ring, which doesn’t call the time. So the number and style of diamonds matter too. The profile and metal of the ring become significant while shopping for the groom. Check different available profile options like flat very engineered looking ring or a softer curved ring and choose accordingly.

Well, we tried to cover some most significant and considerable factors for shopping for the best wedding ring. Hope you must like it. For more wedding related blogs and news visit The Wedding Cards Online.

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Some Indian Traditional Beverages for Summer Weddings

Weddings are always special for everyone, and nobody leaves any stone unturned to make it perfect in all the aspects. There are several significant elements in the marriage ceremony, determining success. Keeping the guest happy and satisfied is one of the key elements every bride and groom are worried about. One of the most important things to keep the guests satisfied is the perfect dining arrangements. As this is summer season & the intense summer heat is on the role, getting married nowadays is mostly avoided. But, if you are still getting married this summer season, add some special and cool beverages in your menu to provide your guests with some refreshment. Here we bring some of the worth trying beverages:

  • Kairi Panna:

Kairi Panna is basically a traditional style juice of green mangoes, which is the all-time favorite of everyone. While thinking about beverages and fruit juice, you really can’t skip the king of fruits. The fresh juice of green mangoes or Kairi ka Panna can be served in many different ways with crunchy boondi, basil, mint, and others.

  • Lemonade

Nimbu Pani or lemonade seems to be a very simple beverage, but it can be a nice addition to your menu. Everyone is fond of lemon water but in different variants. You can also do this at your wedding by adding some interesting twists in lemon water. Add some interesting elements including ginger, mint, watermelon and many flavors like thyme and others in your lemonade to make it interesting.

  • Miniature Ice Golas

Ice golas are people’s childhood love and everyone loves it all ages as well. Add different flavors to add uniqueness and maintain interest among guests. Some of the interesting flavors can be like kokum Gola, rabid gola, chocolate gola, kacchi kairi, and others. Other than this, don’t offer full-size goals, as it becomes difficult to go for such a big size. Offering small sizes in shot glasses can be a better option instead.

  • Lassi

Who doesn’t love lassi, especially in summer days? Lassi has been the perfect solution to get over the heat and simmer for a very long time. This Indian traditional beverage is loved by one and all and adding this to your menu can make your guest happy easily. Like other mentioned beverages, it also can be offered in multiple ways by adding different types of flavors including Mango lassi, chocolate lassi, dry fruit lassi, honey, angoori lassi, pina-colada lassi, and many others. A large glass of lassi is capable of keeping you cool and refreshed in intense summer as well, so consider adding this in your menu.

  • Thandai

Thandai is commonly known to be served specially on the Holi, but it can also be a very nice addition to your menu. It is a traditional style beverage, which is generally made using milk and almonds. But, like other discussed drinks, it can also vary in flavors. You can ask your wedding vendor or organizer to bring some other unique flavor to it so that to make it innovative. It will be surely loved by your guests. Some of the possible flavors include honey thandai, dry fruit thandhai, chocolate thandai, or kesar thandai.

So these are some of the traditional yet highly effective beverages to offer in summer weddings. Bride and grooms must give a try to these in order to make their guests happy and cool in this intense summer and heat.

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Keep Budget in Mind While Buying Bridal Outfit

Bringing perfection to his/her marriage is dreamed by every girl and boy. But, there are several visible and hidden aspects, deciding the overall success of any ceremony. The bridal outfit is one among those playing a vital role in any ceremony deciding the beauty and appearance of the bride. There are many other items including wedding cards, dresses, venues, catering, decoration, and others, contributing to the success. A bridal dress again is a very important element, and you must buy this smartly and carefully.

Indian Wedding Cards

Indian Wedding Cards

There are several things to be considered while buying an outfit for marriage. Other than some factors related to choosing the best looking outfit like the latest trends, color, design, and others, one important aspect is the overall budget. Like other factors, you must also be aware of the budget range while going for buying the outfit. It is very helpful to decide the budget prior because you can shortlist the favorite dress in an easier way. When you go shopping, tell the shopkeeper or the staff about your budget range before they start showing outfits. It will make them show the outfits according to your range only. You must have dreamed big for the special day, but you have to accept the realistic condition of what you can afford. It will keep you away from further frustration as well.
Keep Budget in Mind While Buying Bridal Outfit

Keep Budget in Mind While Buying Bridal Outfit

Other than this, you must also take care of while visiting the wedding shops. Once you know the budget, you also get an idea about the shops and stores offering products in your range. So, you should go to those shops only instead of expensive showrooms. Sometimes brides go to expensive showrooms and stores just for trial but it can be a bad experience for you. If in a case any expensive dress attracts you and makes you fall in love with that, it will become tough for you to accept any other outfit in a low budget. So, it is always good to be aware of the budget and visit the places accordingly.

A wedding dress is a very important element, but the budget is yet significant. So, brides must have the budget in mind while shopping for their outfit and select the best one carefully. For more wedding tips visit our blog at The Wedding Cards Online.