Invitation card – Starting of Great Faith Indian Wedding Cards

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Indian Hindu Weddings ‘Rituals and Religious Beliefs’

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Two Most Wedding Planning Frightening Situations and Their Solutions

Marriage is one of the most cheerful, special and exciting moments of life. However, if you do not plan it carefully, it can become a reason of stress. Once marriage is fixed, you will have to pay attention to lots of things such as etiquette, dos, and don’ts. You also have to plan a budget for many items such as wedding cards, outfits, decoration and many more. During planning, most couples fear about what will happen if something goes wrong. Some of these wedding planning frightening situations and their solutions are mentioned below.

Indian wedding cardsYou get a wedding invitation of your close relative or friend and feel excited about it. However, later you see that the dates of his or her and your wedding are close or on the same day. This is the first nightmare. Since you will not be able to attend his or her ceremony, you can leave it there. However, in this situation, you must talk to your family about mutual guests as they will have to attend the two wedding ceremonies. Probably, you will get a solution to this problem, but you do not have to freak about it.
Indian wedding card
Sometimes, a venue and budget are not sufficient enough for all the guests you and your spouse want to invite. If you have set your heart on this venue, it will be typical to decide whom to cut. This is the second nightmare. In this situation, you must discuss with your spouse and start to cut down the number of guests. If your guest list includes children, you may remove them from it. Moreover, you can only consider your closed ones. If you want to avoid this, you can try to find a venue that can accommodate all of them.

Well, these are two worst nightmares you may face during marriage planning. By using your experience and solutions mentioned above, you can save yourself from these nightmares.

How to Choose Perfect Wedding Cards?

Just like choosing the best wedding dress, choosing a wedding invitation can cause a panic attack. It is a well-known fact that the first impression lasts forever and Indian wedding cards can set the theme and tone for the whole affair. Put everything together and you will see what role these invites play. But remember, it’s supposed to be fun, so relax and consider the following details to help yourself in this process:

  • Invitation Design

Beauty lies in the beholder’s eyes. What one bride will love, another will hate. Couples will find many options these days and deciding the final one ultimately depends on their preference and taste. While choosing a design, think of the reactions that you’re expecting from your guests. Always try to be patient while choosing the final design.

  • Font


You can mix two different fonts on your wedding invitation. A simpler, smaller font will give a well-rounded look with a more detailed, larger font. Ensure to look the initials of your name in the font that you’re considering because if you like the first initial, then you’re likely to love the whole invitation once it is finished.

  • Cost


Invitation cards can get pricey. So, it is always good to compare the costs of different vendors at the wedding cards e-marketplace to make sure you get the best and reasonable deal. A few of them can offer guest address printing for free on the envelopes, while others may offer free shipping. So, it is important that you consider every aspect to get the best bang. Moreover, it is highly recommended to buy a sample prior to ordering the whole lot because actual viewing of the product can create all the difference. Always ensure to check the quality of the card before ordering it in bulk.

Make Your Wedding Guests Feel Special Using Wishing Tree

Wedding Invitation

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Keep Budget in Mind While Buying Bridal Outfit

Bringing perfection to his/her marriage is dreamed by every girl and boy. But, there are several visible and hidden aspects, deciding the overall success of any ceremony. The bridal outfit is one among those playing a vital role in any ceremony deciding the beauty and appearance of the bride. There are many other items including wedding cards, dresses, venues, catering, decoration, and others, contributing to the success. A bridal dress again is a very important element, and you must buy this smartly and carefully.

There are several things to be considered while buying an outfit for marriage. Other than some factors related to choosing the best looking outfit like the latest trends, color, design, and others, one important aspect is the overall budget. Like other factors, you must also be aware of the budget range while going for buying the outfit. It is very helpful to decide the budget prior because you can shortlist the favorite dress in an easier way. When you go shopping, tell the shopkeeper or the staff about your budget range before they start showing outfits. It will make them show the outfits according to your range only. You must have dreamed big for the special day, but you have to accept the realistic condition of what you can afford. It will keep you away from further frustration as well.

Indian Wedding Cards

Other than this, you must also take care of while visiting the wedding shops. Once you know the budget, you also get an idea about the shops and stores offering products in your range. So, you should go to those shops only instead of expensive showrooms. Sometimes brides go to expensive showrooms and stores just for trial but it can be a bad experience for you. If in a case any expensive dress attracts you and makes you fall in love with that, it will become tough for you to accept any other outfit in a low budget. So, it is always good to be aware of the budget and visit the places accordingly.

A wedding dress is a very important element, but the budget is yet significant. So, brides must have the budget in mind while shopping for their outfit and select the best one carefully. For more wedding tips visit our blog at The Wedding Cards Online.

Shopping Wedding Ring? Consider These Few Points Before

pictures-of-engagement-rings-on-hand-33Everyone has some wishes when it is about their wedding. It is the most significant and awaited moment of life for one and all. There are several elements in a wedding determining its overall beauty and success including wedding cards to catering, decoration, and others. If we think about the bride and groom and their most significant moment of life, the importance of the wedding ring can’t be undervalued as well. The ring is an element visible not only to the bride and groom but all other invitees, guests and relatives as well, so its selection becomes more important here. Here we come with some considerable factors while shopping for the best ring.

First, the most important point is to shop as a couple instead of an individual. You know it is not possible every time to make a decision collectively, but here you can. Get some free time on 1-2 weekends and go for shopping with each other. It is not compulsory at all to buy a matching pair of a ring, but the traditions allow the groom to buy the ring for the bride and vice versa. Visit a few jewelers to know about the latest designs and take care of the likes and dislikes of your partner before making a purchase.

When you go to the market and explore the designs, you come to know about rings of different prices, putting you a deep confusion. So, know your budget prior going to shop. This will narrow down the options, making it easier to choose the right product.

Another point to consider is your lifestyle. Don’t get confused with the wide range of designs, and keep your lifestyle in mind. All your friends, family members, relatives, and other invitees will have an eye on your ring. You must not be wishing to let them disparage it so take proper care.

Now coming to the bride and groom individual factors, think about the diamond and profile of the ring respectively. When it is about a bride, diamonds can add beauty to the ring and lady both, but it should complement the ring, which doesn’t call the time. So the number and style of diamonds matter too. The profile and metal of the ring become significant while shopping for the groom. Check different available profile options like flat very engineered looking ring or a softer curved ring and choose accordingly.

Well, we tried to cover some most significant and considerable factors for shopping for the best wedding ring. Hope you must like it. For more wedding related blogs and news visit The Wedding Cards Online.