How Do You Get a Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day?

It is your wedding day and you might be fretting over trivial issues. In the process, you knowingly or unknowingly might be inviting a lot of skin problems that may hamper your entire look for the wedding day. One boil or acne is all you need to spoil all the preparations you did for months to look absolutely stunning on this important day in your life. Worry does no good and we all know it. So why fret over things that we eventually will fix in time. Stay calm and embrace each moment of your wedding as it is once in a life time event.


For a bride to look astonishing on her wedding day, it is very important to have a great skin, apart from the other obvious things of course. It is the result of a strict skin care routine that you see such a marvelous skin on her wedding day. Make sure that the bride does not take stress and drinks a lot of water to wash away all the toxins from her body. It is not the bride’s job to see whether the wedding cards are printed and sent to all the relatives or the decorator arrives in time. Leave out these things to an elderly member of the family even if things go astray.

A glowing skin is one of the pre-requisites on the wedding day and please ensure that the end moment stress and anxiety does not make the situation worse. Below mentioned are some tips that you can incorporate for a glowing skin-

  • Stay Happy– This alternative beats all. Staying happy will bring out your inner happiness right on your face. It is after all your much awaited wedding day and there cannot be a more happy moment than this. Stay happy and it will your face will radiate the same.

  • Use skin specific products for your makeup– To avoid outbreak of any end moment rashes, itchiness, and allergy, use skin specific and tested products only. You cannot afford the cost of experimentation right now.

  • Stay hydrated– Drink lots of water and juices that will bring out glowing skin. It will also curb other problems and you will feel much active without feeling drained of energy.

  • Deep cleaning through masks– It does not replace your daily washing routine but clears off the excess impurities in the skin and makes it free from dead skin cells.

This is an illustrative list of all what you can do for your skin. Of course there are others like using the right sun protection formula for your skin, using the right kind of concealer, using clean make-up brushes, etc.

Things Brides should do When Planning a 2017 Wedding

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Some Destination Wedding Concerns to Think About

A destination wedding is a home to one’s years of dreams and happiness. Planning the ceremony in a remarkable way can make it captivating & eye pleasing. Couples plan and search for years to organize it simply unique and perfect.

We are here with some tips to be concern about…

Why destination wedding

Planning your nuptials in a peculiar pattern that can be any vacation spot, a heritage hotel, in a traditional way and playing adventures. For many couples, traditional ceremony holds meaning, other wants it to be unique that sprinkle true colors of their personality. Destination wedding can be alike marrying while skydiving, roller coaster ride, in front of a lakeside or simply on a beach side. If it’s easy to graft a picture of yourselves in wedding duds onto those wonderful holiday memories, a destination wedding may be the door for you.


Less planning

A wedding at home or away from home can make you feel puzzled and stressful, planning these events become a nightmare for you. But because many resorts, hotels have their onsite wedding coordinators that make the event planning less stressful.

Budget concerns

You can spend so much money you want to, on a destination wedding, it’s up to you as much or as little (just at home) you want to spend. Just don’t forget to research a couple of resorts and hotels trips into your budget even if they are offering coordinators all workers with planning. Because such resorts offer many complimentary treats like spa treatments for you and your guests or a free night stay on your anniversary.

Things to consider before wedding planning

Start planning early, you might be thinking you have a bulk of time to plan it well, but once you start executing you may thought getting there isn’t easy for you and your guests, send save the date note as soon as the place is booked for the ceremony, because it takes too long for your invitees too, to plan for it. You need to inform at least four months before the wedding day. Four to six weeks before sending the wedding card and be communicative with your guests and let them know about every detail, from hotel blocks to what they need to pack. It will make all arrangements perfect.

Homely feeling for your invitees

While welcome ceremony, praise your guests with a welcome bag which includes things like a site map, one time use camera for beach, list of wedding related activities, spa kit or token etc. Arrange a group of activity before or after a day of wedding or sighting tour for the ones who aren’t interested in activities.

Etiquettes says, throw a cocktail party or arrange breakfast or brunch the day after the wedding including bridal party.

Second reception party

Many friends, relatives, family members couldn’t manage to join you and missed out all the fun. For all of them plan a follow-up reception or arrange a dinner party at any local restaurant when you arrive home.

Where to and how to book destination for the event

Start searching for the websites that offer wedding planning and visiting resorts, hotels, where you want to celebrate the day.

Innovative Ideas to Face the Challenges of Outdoor Wedding

Summertime is on the way and outdoor weddings can be the most entertaining celebrations for the guests. The open garden, refreshing air, romantic sunny hues, cool desserts, high hilltops, flowers, love of nature and a warm gathering of your loved ones, wooden theme and wooden wedding cards what an enchanting view it can be, and how much delightful memories it can add to your special day.

If you are looking to organize outdoor wedding it must be a great idea but you need to be ready with strategic planning to treat the challenges an outdoor wedding arrangements may face. Lack of arrangements leads to ruin your beautiful day. So here I am with some tips and ideas to coordinate the event better and in a proper way.


  • If you are getting married in the coolest month we recommend you the clear top tents that will offer you the greenhouse feel even the weather is not hot it can build the heat inside.You should use the pole tents, because of its height and pretty roof-line. It appears great from both the interior and exterior. These poles should be made up of wooden material to give it a natural look.You can also look for Ideas of frame tents that offer a little flexibility than pole tents.
  • Be sure about the lighting arrangements, for an outdoor wedding lantern and lighting arrangements should be perfect to illuminate the wedding venue perfectly and to make your guest comfortable in dark. Offer insects repellent option to every guest to protect them from bugs, insects, and mosquitoes.
  • Decorating the venue with beautiful flowers can be a nice theme for the outdoor wedding but make sure that your florist is misting the flowers to keep them cool and refresh for long.
  • If you are planning to use uncomfortable chairs, you should provide pillows for the guests. Instead of chairs, you can use bales of hay and cover with the colorful quilts to arrange a rustic seating for your guest.
  • Provide blanket wraps for individual seats it can be breezy and cold.
  • The day can be hot and sunny, provide your guest with the individual parasols to protect themselves from sunlight.
  • Provide the abundant option of water, ice, beverages and juices to protect your guest from dehydration. Wet napkins and cooling face mist to beat the heat and stay refresh. Suntan lotions to protect the skin from damage.
  • You can present colorful sunglasses as wedding favors to make the event more funny and entertaining. The shades will protect your eyes from hot sunlight.
  • Arrange a bucket full of flip-flops for the guests to rock the floor and dance with the music.
  • Use simple lights and flower for decorating the beautiful aisle. Put camping lanterns underneath the table cover for the glowing evening.

These simple ideas will help your guest to enjoy the outdoor wedding instead of many hassles.